Bike Touring GIS

Purpose of Bike Touring GIS

I travel every year since 2013 by bike during my holidays. In 2015 I bought a Garmin Edge Touring for my navigation on my trip through Poland. In the preparation of this trip I used QGis for manipulating my gpx-tracks. During testruns with the navigation I discovered that the Garmin can’t handle really long gpx-routes. So in QGis I used some plugins to swap direction but also cut the route in smaller pieces of around 100 kilometers. This worked but this year I have the same issues again and now I developed Bike Touring GIS to help me.

How to use Bike Touring GIS



Select a gpx-file


The gpx route will be shown on the map. The maps zoom in to show the whole route. The green dot is the starting point. The default location to search for a gpx-file is your DropBox-folder.






give a distance, and click on “create split points”, the map will shown ow also numbers of the distance which will be close to distance











give a prefix for the new gpx-files and then click the button “Save GPX-tracks”





the new files will be saved in the same directory of the original gpx-file, there is also a gpx-file with the name “splitlines_and_points_[distance]_km.gpx”. In this file there all the splitpoints and the lines again but then in one file.








  • Net framework 4.6.1 (if missing the application will ask the question to install it)

V 1.0.0

  • DropBox for Windows
  • Net framework 4.6.1 (if missing the application will ask the question to install it)

Functionality Bike Touring GIS

V1.0.0 – V1.0.2

  • load gpx-route, show and zoom to on the map
  • calculate split points at certain distance
  • save the routes of a certain distance to gpx and one gpx-file with all the small routes and split points

note: the tool is really just brand new, so there is no validation in the textboxes, if you type in a letter in the textbox for distance the application will crash. Will be fixed in the next release.

Issues and wishes Bike Touring GIS

for issues and wishes please add the issue on GitHub or contact me by the contact-option on this website. The application will also write a logfile with information in case of an error.

Send me this file to analyze or upload it with the issue on GitHub. The name of this file is “BikeTouringGIS_[date].xml”.

List with issues for the application



In the list below you will find all the files but only download “setup.exe”. Run setup.exe and you go!
The application will show automatically a dialog when it needs to be updated.

Bike Touring GIS v1.2.0

Bike Touring GIS v1.1.0

complete new user interface a few small improvements but mainly upgrade user interface and introduction of unit testing


Bike Touring GIS v1.0.4

Bike Touring GIS v1.0.3

Bike Touring GIS v1.0.2

Bike Touring GIS v1.0.1

Bike Touring GIS v1.0.0

Bike Touring GIS 1.0.2

Bike Touring GIS 1.0.2

Bike Touring GIS 1.0

Bike Touring GIS 1.0

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